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Ways To Flirt With Your Husband

For Better or Flirt

Just because you have got that ring on your finger, doesn’t mean you should put your flirting days behind you. I can’t think of anything worse than to lose the excitement that a little bit of cheeky flirting brings. Now this doesn’t mean you should get a little bit frisky with every man you meet, stay at home and flirt with your husband.

There are so many ways to keep those sparks flying with your hubby, keeping you in perpetual marital bliss. Some great ways to flirt with you husband are as follows…

  • Be Mysterious – Create a little bit of mystery by getting ready for a special night out in secret. Your husband will be delighted when it comes to the big reveal – it will remind him of those days when you first started dating, of those moments when he couldn’t wait to see you.
  • Utilize Social Media – It’s quite cute when you share your feelings for your husband on his social media profiles. Although he may never admit it, he wants everyone to know what a catch he has. However, don’t get too soppy or use pet names, you don’t want him to become the target of ridicule with his friends.
  • Be Who You Are – He fell in love with you for a reason and you attracted him with your flirting style, so there is no need for it to change. Just be who you are when you flirt with your husband and it will remind him of just what he loves about you.
  • Take the Mick – A little bit of playful banter is a great way to keep the chemistry going. Plus it will make him laugh and he will love seeing you sense of humor shining through.
  • Be Naughty – Take things to the bedroom and try something new. If you are unsure of things, start off with some massage oils and give your partner a sensual massage by candle light and take things from there.

So go on ladies, go and flirt with your husband, he is waiting for you…

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