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Digital Flirting Mistakes

Digital Flirting Mistakes

Are You Blowing Your Chances With Any Of These Digital Flirting Mistakes?

Digital Flirting Mistakes

Now that we are in the 21st century, technology has taken up a rather large role in the dating game – digital flirting has become a major part of the courting ritual. But, if you get it wrong, then you could find yourself completely blowing your chances – the digital age is great, but it has brought up a whole new dating and flirting minefield to negotiate.

So how should you handle digital flirting? A study by TalkTalk Mobile uncovered some of the biggest text flirting turn offs that are sure to dent your chances of getting a real relationship going. So brace yourself and read on to see if you have been blowing it with your phone etiquette and terrible texting…

  • To Kiss Or Not To Kiss – The top texting turn off was revealed to be using the wrong amount of kisses at the end of a text. If the flirtation is new or the relationship is long-term, sending fewer kisses than your other half is considered impolite and wuite the brush off.
  • Always Available – Answering your phone during dinner is a big no, no, as is leaving your phone on in the cinema. Just turn it off and let it ring once in a while, your date will appreciate having your full undivided attention.
  • Awful Acronyms – leave the LOLs and the TTYLs to the pre-teens as overuse of these just hideous acronyms is something that can cause your partner to lose interest in you. Just think about it, they aren’t very grown up are they?
  • And The Rest – Texting after 11pm, texting or emailing boring small talk, and resending texts that don’t receive replies are all big texting faux pas.

However, your texting skills can be used to move that flirtation along and improve your relationship. So cheer up, it is not all doom and gloom – so as long as it is before 11pm, pick p that phone and try some of these digital flirting moves…

  • Sweet Dreams – Text you partner goodnight as often as you can; it will give them a smile as they drift off to sleep, knowing that you are thinking of them. Text them a ‘good morning’ too, it lets your partner know that they are one of the first things you think of when you wake up.
  • Don’t Be Lazy – Try to always respond to a text within a few hours and ask questions to stimulate the conversation, instead of a simple ‘OK’ – no one likes that.

Hopefully, this will help all you phone lovers out there, improve your etiquette and keep you off the block list.

Read the full story on The Daily Mail.

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Has Your Text Flirting Evolved Into Cheating?

Has Your Text Flirting Evolved Into Cheating

What Are The Signs Your Text Flirting Has Went Too Far?

Has Your Text Flirting Evolved Into Cheating

If you are not in a relationship, feel free to ignore the title completely and go and text flirt until your thumbs fall off. But, if you are in a relationship and have found yourself paying more attention to your phone than too your  partner, then maybe you should read on.

There are a number of signs that indicate that your once harmless text flirting has crossed the line to cheating, or something close to it. If you recognise any of the following warning signs, it may be time to re-evaluate either your texting or your relationship…

  • It’s A Big Secret – Do you sit in your car for a few minutes before entering your house so you can send a few cheeky texts before seeing your partner? Or do you take your phone to the bathroom with you, so your partner wont see anything incriminating on it? Then your behaviour has definitely become secretive and possibly a cause for concern. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and consider how you would feel if you saw messages on your partner’s phone like the ones you are sending. If you would feel betrayed, suspicious and/or uncomfortable, you will know you shouldn’t be sending those messages.
  • It’s Become Your Relationship – You can’t deny that you are spending more time talking via text to your ‘friend’ than you do face-to-face with your partner then you probably have a problem. When you start having more everyday banter with your text friend than you do with your partner, your texting has become your surrogate relationship. You really need to ask yourself why you are not communicating with your partner, is it because you know you need to have a difficult conversation?
  • Rationalisation – You’re making excuses for your behaviour, telling yourself that they are ‘just a friend’ and that ‘you’re not doing anything wrong’. If that were true, why would you need to justify it to yourself? You don’t feel the need to justify any of your other friendships, so why this one? Maybe it is because deep down, you know that you are doing something that would hurt your partner, if they knew about it. Ask yourself if it is really worth it.
  • Not So Innocent – There is nothing wrong with a little bit of innocent flirting, it can make you feel attractive and give you a little bit of a spring in your step. But if you are a compulsive flirt that can’t stop texting, because you have a need for the attention of others, you really should put the phone down and walk away. Additionally, if you are crossing the boundary into overly sexual texting, you should know that your partner would not approve. If you are seriously considering doing the things you are texting, you have pretty much crossed the line into cheating. Not all cheating is physical.

Your partner may appreciate a text flirt just as much as you do, so why not flirt with each other. If you can’t stop text flirting with people outside your relationship, it may be time to reconsider your situation, to avoid any more hurt in the long run.

Read the full story on the Huffington Post.

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Tips For Text Flirting

Tips For Text Flirting

Avoid Getting Your Number Blocked With These Tips For Text Flirting

Tips For Text Flirting

I know I have spoken of text flirting before, but it is always good to have a little bit of a refresher on the fundamentals, just in case you have forgotten whether sending that naked crotch shot is a good idea or not…it isn’t!

Text flirting is a great way to get the ball rolling with your crush, without the overwhelming fear of face-to-face rejection. Additionally, there is very little chance that you will stumble over your words like a bumbling idiot. Just double and triple check your text before you send it to make sure you haven’t been screwed by auto correct. Additionally, make sure you check who your text message is going to, you definitely do not want to accidentally sext your mum – it will make for some very awkward family dinners.

  •  Bold Beginnings –  Try to be a little bit original when you get in touch for the first time, ‘Hey, how are you?’ is boring, it is the kind of small talk we hear dozens of times a day. Maybe start with a funny observation or a joke that you recently heard – don’t start with anything too romantic, that is something you want to build up to.
  •  Ask A Question Or Two – Make the effort to fin out more about them by asking them questions – you will be surprised how far a conversation can go when you ask something like “What is your favourite movie?” When you show a general interest in their likes and dislikes, you demonstrate that you really are interested in them and not just what is in their pants.
  • No Text Speak – Thanks to smart phones with proper Qwerty keyboards, there is no reason to talk in annoying text speak – that is something 3 year old girls do when they text each other. Take those ten extra seconds to write out your text properly and check your grammar and spelling mistakes – they can be a right turn off.
  • A little Bit of Subtlety – Don’t come on too strong right away, if you want to build a real rapport with someone it has to come gradually. And don’t try to hard to impress them – there is nothing worse than those people who always have to outdo a story with a bigger and better one.

So get texting everyone, and if you have any tips for text flirting you would like to add, stick them in a comment below.

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Sexting Protected in Victoria, Australia

Sexting Protected in Victoria Australia

Sexting Has Just Become Safer In Australia’s Victoria

Sexting Protected in Victoria Australia

Mobile phones are amazing aren’t they? You can Facebook stalk your friends at the bus stop, take selfies aplenty in the public toilets and complete the next level of Candy Crush during a meeting. The mobile phone has also helped millions of people out there get flirty and naughty, with the evolution of sexting – the art of sending sexually charged messages or nude selfies via text.

Although many would never admit it, a lot of us have either sent or received the naked crotch shot, but with bare crotch can come bare-faced cheek. Whilst the majority of naked selfies will be seen only by the recipient and kept secret in their phones, a small number of unscrupulous *bleeps* are ruining it for everyone, by uses the images in their evil schemes.

When spurned by their lover these *bleeps* share the intimate images with friends and the globe, by posting them on the internet. The images are usually accompanied by a hurtful or embarrassing message designed to cause the most discomfort possible to the victim.

These bottom-feeders and the websites that allow them to have their sickening revenge, usually escape justice because there are no laws to control them. Well the state of Victoria has decided that enough is enough and has introduced legislation that will protect sexters. The legislation has made it illegal to distribute, or even threaten to distribute, explicit images of an individual without their consent. Finally, these revenge posters of nude pictures may receive the justice they deserve, even before a picture is leaked online.

Victoria is not the only place that has decided to crack down the ‘revenge porn’ industry, although success has been limited, it send a message that these seedy individuals will no longer be tolerated. California recently introduced a law that labelled, attempts to cause distress by circulation provocative photos, as ‘disorderly conduct’, an offense that can result in 6 months in jail or a $1,000 fine (both doubled for repeat offenders).

New Jersey has also made attempt to stamp out ‘Revenge Porn’ by prohibiting any individual without consent from sharing explicit images, convicting those who aim to cause unnecessary distress with their actions. This legislation is a good start, but it is clear that further reform is needed.

For example, a loophole in the California bill allows someone to distribute an image as many times as they like, as long as the person in it has taken the photo themselves. Seems rather shocking doesn’t it?

Yes many of these ‘revenge porn’ sites will get shut down eventually, but will that really give the victims a sense of justice? Thousands of people have already seem the images, which could have caused severe repercussions to the victim, from being fired from their jobs, to depression and anxiety.

Sexting can be a wonderful thing; a way to build intimacy and improve the sex life of couples by engaging in a bit of fantasy. But, whilst there is a chance that something so private may be shared with the world, many of us are not willing to take the risk, which is such a shame. Sending sexts should never be used to ruin someone’s life or cause humiliation, and that is why more needs to be done to protect sexters everywhere. So kudos to Victoria for taking a hard stance on a growing issue.

If you are a dedicated sexter, but are worried about repercussions, only ever sext to someone that you trust completely and never include your face or any identifying markers so you have can deny that it is you if the worse happens.

Be careful sexters!

Read the full story on The Daily Beast.

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Text Flirting Is Revolutionizing The Dating Game

Text Flirting is Chaniging the Dating Game

Text Flirting Is On The Increase

Text Flirting is Chaniging the Dating Game

Relaxed and non-threatening, text messaging is changing dating culture all over the world – the mobile phone has  transformed the way people communicate, meet and even date. A survey of 1,500 daters aged between 21 and 50 carried our by USA Today has shown how texting has revolutionized the dating game. Increasingly, daters are choosing the ‘safety’ of a text message as a way of keeping in touch with a potential partner.

Some of the findings of the survey include:

  • 31% of men and 33% of women say they find it less intimidating to ask for a date via a text message as opposed to through a phone call.
  • 44% of men and 37% of women said that mobile technology made it easier to flirt with and get to know a potential partner.
  • 25% said that an hour is the longest acceptable time to respond to a text from someone you are interested in and 10% expected a reply straight away or within a few minutes.

Beverly Palmer, a clinical psychologist and professor at California State University-Dominguez Hills is an expert in flirting and non-verbal communication. She says that text messaging doesn’t contain the same amount of intimacy that voice communication does – this makes it the ‘safer’ option.

So do you guys prefer to text a potential partner as oppose to speaking to them directly? Do you see it as the safer option?

Read the full story on Montgomery Advertiser.

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Flirt Texting – What Is It?

Give Flirt Texting A Try

We are all familiar with ‘sexting’, sending rather naughty messages to the object of your desire, in the hope of receiving something saucy in return. But, if you have just recently got the number of someone new, asking to see a picture of their naked breasts or erect penis, might just be a little bit premature, as well as, creepy in the extreme.

Flirt texting is something a lot more subtle than the ‘get them out’ texts that are popular in more established relationships. It goes further than the standard ‘How are you’ texts, it’s more of a way to get that spark going in a fledgling courtship.

Start out with sweet messages, then move onto something a little bit more cheeky, and then (only if the reception has been positive) you can move on to something a little more sexually suggestive. You need to test the temperature of the water before you go diving in, if you jump in while the water’s cold, you will be sure to feel the chill.

You might suggest that this is the same as sexting, but it isn’t. Flirt texting has a much more subtle build up and never gets too smutty, that is better saved for face-to-face interaction.

Read the full story on Your Tango.

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How to Flirt Via Text flirting by texting Australia flirting by texting Australia

Textual Seduction

Thanks to the digital age, there are more ways than ever to get your flirt on, such as through social networking sites, through email or even with a few cheeky text messages. So how do you flirt via text? It is a difficult one, because there is no way to detect tone through the written word. Sarcasm could me mistaken for truth and a naughty flirt could be mistaken for sleaze.

Well the first thing to remember the level of the flirting should depend on the relationship with the object of your desire. If you barely known them, sending risque photographs of yourself could be seen as sexual harassment. If you have a long standing relationship sending a simple ‘Hi, how are you?’ is going to seem very boring.

Need a few tips? Fear not, that’s what we are here for…

  • Don’t be too needy – Don’t be texting 50 times a day wondering what they are doing, be patient, they will get back to you when he/she can.
  • Send Pictures – Not pictures like that before you even go there, send a funny picture you have seen or even better a funny picture you have taken yourself. It will show you have a sense of fun.
  • Share Experiences – Live a full life, it will give you a host of interesting stories to exchange through text and make you seem exciting too.
  • Take the initiative – If things are going well, ask what he/she is doing tonight. It may be all you need to get the desired date.

Text away my lovelies…

Read the full story at RSD Nation.