Digital Flirting Mistakes

Digital Flirting Mistakes

Are You Blowing Your Chances With Any Of These Digital Flirting Mistakes? Now that we are in the 21st century, technology has taken up a rather large role in the dating game - digital flirting has become a major part of the courting ritual. But, if you get it wrong, then you could find yourself completely blowing your chances - the digital age is great, but it has brought … [Read more...]

Has Your Text Flirting Evolved Into Cheating?

Has Your Text Flirting Evolved Into Cheating

What Are The Signs Your Text Flirting Has Went Too Far? If you are not in a relationship, feel free to ignore the title completely and go and text flirt until your thumbs fall off. But, if you are in a relationship and have found yourself paying more attention to your phone than too your  partner, then maybe you should read on. There are a number of signs that indicate … [Read more...]

Tips For Text Flirting

Tips For Text Flirting

Avoid Getting Your Number Blocked With These Tips For Text Flirting I know I have spoken of text flirting before, but it is always good to have a little bit of a refresher on the fundamentals, just in case you have forgotten whether sending that naked crotch shot is a good idea or isn't! Text flirting is a great way to get the ball rolling with your crush, … [Read more...]

Sexting Protected in Victoria, Australia

Sexting Protected in Victoria Australia

Sexting Has Just Become Safer In Australia's Victoria Mobile phones are amazing aren't they? You can Facebook stalk your friends at the bus stop, take selfies aplenty in the public toilets and complete the next level of Candy Crush during a meeting. The mobile phone has also helped millions of people out there get flirty and naughty, with the evolution of sexting - the art … [Read more...]

Text Flirting Is Revolutionizing The Dating Game

Text Flirting is Chaniging the Dating Game

Text Flirting Is On The Increase Relaxed and non-threatening, text messaging is changing dating culture all over the world - the mobile phone has  transformed the way people communicate, meet and even date. A survey of 1,500 daters aged between 21 and 50 carried our by USA Today has shown how texting has revolutionized the dating game. Increasingly, daters are choosing the … [Read more...]